SOMRA pilot testing

Participate in the SOMRA pilot testing! To find out more, visit the project website at  

The VoW project meeting for a training in Rotterdam

This week, the VoW team gets together in person for the first time! We are very excited to finally be working together in the project’s first Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. On Day 1 we define ourselves as a group of colleagues and we get a comprehensive overview of the … Read more

Virtualisation of work-based learning

The WBL goes virtual project is finished after 14 months of intense work! The project partnership from Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Spain now proudly presents their two project products: A training programme: modular learning bits delivered in virtual and real environment guided and self-directed learning   And a digital toolbox: 20 tools to digitalise work-based … Read more

ADULATION – Adult Education for Social Change

The project ADULATION (acronym which also means admiration or praise) aims in the promotion of civic engagement of adults and seniors through adult education. The direct target group is adult and community educators. The end beneficiaries are adult and senior learners with fewer opportunities. Adult Education for Social Change Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Adult Education … Read more

YesWePlan Compendium 4 in 1

How can we help reduce discrimination against women in the workplace? The YesWePlan project has dealt with this question in the case of women architects. The revised final results are now available in the YesWePlan Compendium 4 in 1. If you are interested in this topic and want to find out more about our work, … Read more