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E.N.T.E.R. regularly produces its own publications related to many aspects of EU project work. Most publications are connected to specific projects and promote news, information and toolkits that are of relevance to the EU project sector.

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XRforPed Magazine - Green Paper

This Green Paper is addressed to educational policy makers and stakeholders working concerned with Extended Reality. It features keynotes and best practices from across Europe and shares suggestions and recommendations, while inspiring the audience to understand the essentials neccessary for successful implementation of Extended Reality in educational contexts.

Focus Europe Magazine - Special Edition: VRinSight Green Paper: Boosting Virtual Reality in Learning

This special edition features a general presentation of the VRinSight project, flashlights on the current state of VR used in different educational settings, keynote articles from experts across Europe on VR and education and recommendations to policy makers how to improve the situation and 24 best practice examples of EU projects in VR presented by their coordinators (Erasmus+, Interreg, Horizon 2020 etc.).

Focus Europe Magazine - Special Edition: Job to Stay Green Paper

This special edition of the Focus Europe Magazine takes a closer look on issues concerning migrants, refugees and how a sustainable integration could be achieved. This green paper introduces 10 key notes and 23 best practice projects on labour market integration of migrants and refugees from all over Europe.

Focus Europe Magazine - Special Edition: IMAILE Project

IMAILE is the first Pre-Commercial Procurement project in Europe in the field of Education and Technology Enhanced Learning. Find out more about Innovative Public Procurement in Europe! This Focus Europe Special Edition provides an overview of recent activities and projects at the EU level from the IMAILE group.

Focus Europe Special Edition - Learning Mobility - February 2017

This edition of Focus Europe turns the spotlight on transnational cooperation projects and articles that deal with the challenges of Learning Mobility and suggest different approaches, tools and activities in order to foster mobility activities in Vocational Education and Training in Europe.

Navigating through Chaos

This comprehensive handbook (in German) sets out the most important aspects of implementing a collaborative transnational project, such as planning, controlling, how to work with European partner organisations, sponsoring, evaluation, good communication with stakeholders and effective dissemination.

C-E.N.T.E.R. Toolkit

This toolkit provides a step by step guide to the most important elements of implementing successful dissemination and expolitation work in connection with European projects. It describes how to communicate effectively, how to produce high quality project materials and the best methods of promoting projects and their outcomes to the intended stakeholders and target groups.

Focus Europe Special Edition - Sustainable Tourism - October 2014

This edition of Focus Europe turns the spotlight on a growing sector in Europe, sustainable tourism. This in-depth analysis considers aspects such as labour market challenges, the role of training and qualifications, how effective regional development can have an impact and also a large number of projects are presented that highlight innovative and effective ways of supporting vocational training, regional development and building stronger partnerships between relevant stakeholders involved in the sector.

Focus Europe Special Edition - Active European Citizenship - September 2013

The European Year of Citizens in 2013 sought to put the spotlight on how to respond to the aims of achieving EU-level rights guaranteed to EU citizens, ensuring policies and programmes exist to support and exercise these rights and that there is civic and democratic participation in Union policies. This magazine details many approaches, activities and projects that were undertaken to fulfil these objectives and to give citizens across Europe a greater say in how the EU operates.

Focus Europe Special Edition - Learning in Later Life - September 2012

This edition of Focus Europe is dedicated to the topic of active ageing with a number of articles by leading experts in the field across Europe setting out the issues and current situation. Various projects and initiatives in different parts of Europe highlight the work that is being undertaken to tackle the problems associated with the ageing society and how older people can participate positively and contribute in the modern society which is more and more dominated by the use of digital technologies. Read more about this fascinating and very current topic.

Focus Europe IV - October 2012

Switzerland becoming an official partner of the European Education and Youth programme and the challenges of active ageing and ensuring the successful integration of the 50+ age group into European society are among the main features.

Focus Europe III - January 2012

This edition highlights the benefits of European mobility for people with restricted opportunities as well as the SkanKomp project, bridging the gap between education and work.

Focus Europe II - June 2011

10 million people using the Europass CV and a round up of major project news.

Focus Europe I - October 2010

Includes a feature on 10 years of the Grundtvig programme.