Take a look at the new E.N.T.E.R. website

E.N.T.E.R. wants to provide good service and an attractive platform for exchange and international EU project work. This is why we decided that it is time to modernise and update our online platform. Users can register their organisations and EU projects in order to share information and disseminate their projects.

Creative Inspiration: Boosting Creative Entrepreneurship & Digital Learning (Sofia) February 18th, Thursday, 09:00 – 11:00 CET

Creative Inspiration: Boosting Creative Entrepreneurship & Digital Learning (Sofia) February 18th, Thursday, 09:00 – 11:00 CET If you work in a creative field, e.g. visual communication, UI/UX design, motion design, photography, copywriting, design, film, music, etc. – you are a student or you are freelancer, running a business where you have clients who pay for your creative talents, whether in … Read more

Children in Museums HUB: Free online training series

Join our free online training series led by an international marketing and branding specialist! Explore how to re-position & pandemic-proof children-centred museum work and become a certified pilot organisation of high-quality 21st century learning. Open to all professionals eager to explore how to re-position children-centred museum work as meaningful education resources and social hubs for … Read more

Training Club Magazine no. 3 – #DigiMedia

Training Club Magazine is a collection of tried and tested non-formal Erasmus teaching methods, education tools and activities for youth, adults and trainers, created by Association TEAM4Excellence. The current edition of the Magazine (no. 3) resulted after the implementation of the #DigiMedia ESC long term volunteering project. The project aimed at having an open-mind community … Read more

DITOGA App pilot testing

The DITOGA App is in its testing phase right now and you can try it out before before it is officially launched! It’s very easy – just get in touch to join as a pilot tester. To get more information, visit the DITOG website: www.ditoga.eu https://www.ditoga.eu/en/pilot/

VRinSight VR Classroom walkthrough

This purpose built VR Classroom application is designed to give participants the first steps and experiences of VR as an educational tool. It serves to interactively illustrate the theoritical content contained in the VRinSight Training Progamme for Higher Education and Business.   For full details check out www.vrinsight.org The VRinSight project is co-funded by the … Read more

Play Your Skills Research Study Report

The Play Your Skills Research Study Report is available online in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portugues! The report provides an analysis of how mobile apps are used in education across all six partner countries. NEETs, educators, and experts were interviewed and their expertise and experience were considered to provide an overview of the current … Read more

VRinSight Training Programme and VR Classroom

Footage from the recent VRinSight training programme as tested in Universities across Europe. The VRinSight team tested each learning module of the VRinSight Training Programme with particpants ranging from University professors and staff as well as management and staff from SMEs. The training programme was also an opportunity to utilise the purpose built VR classroom … Read more

VAM Realities Challenge 2021

The VAM Realities Challenge 2021 is a competition to uncover the best European XR solutions and make them available for the SMEs of tomorrow. Join the VAM Realities Challenge 2021! TIMELINE VAM Realities Challenge will start accepting submission on the 7th of October 2020 and phase 1 participation will close on the January 15th 2021. … Read more

VR & Police webinar series hosted by #SHOTPROS

Get informed about interesting topics from top-class experts in the field of VR & Police! Registration for the first webinar about “VR Police Training” on the 20th of October is open now à shotpros.eu/network/