Playing Bodies

– Providing innovative methodologies to dance and theatre teachers with to improve their competences in
teaching adults, with a special focus on target groups at risk of exclusion.
– To employ creative tools in the learning of students from three different European regions, creating a network for
future cooperation.
– To contribute to the dissemination of the results among new generations of artists and to achieve a regional,
national and European scope.

– Creation of an innovative curriculum for dance and theatre centres.
– Exchange of experiences and good practices among contemporary dance and theatre trainers through study
visits in each country.
– Publication of a manual for teachers in Adult education, gathering new tools and techniques developed by the
– Local workshops with students and dancers piloting the curriculum developed during the project activities, and a
final performance multiplier event.

Desired results:
– Better skills of dance and theatre teachers directly involved in the project.
– Better quality of dance and movement learning in Adult education centres.
– Change in the dance centres’ curricula with the introduction of innovative and creative choreographic methods.
– Increased performance of dance and theatre schools to attract and retain students and dancers.
– New job opportunities for performing artists and professional dancers’ careers touched by the association