What is E.N.T.E.R.

E.N.T.E.R., the European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results, was founded in 2005 with a vision to serve five main purposes:

to offer EU projects the opportunity to disseminate information about projects and their outcomes to a broad community of interested parties.

to give European citizens and organisations the opportunity to regularly receive information about developments and results within the EU project community.

to give interested organisations the opportunity to find EU project partners and groups for exchanging knowledge and developing innovative project ideas.

to provide a platform for members to present themselves to their peers across Europe and beyond thus increasing opportunities for their professional and economic development at the international level.

and lastly to support European Union strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of results from projects funded by European programmes for the benefit of all European citizens.

Since 2005 E.N.T.E.R. has been a leading online dissemination service provider for the EU project community, helping hundreds of organisations to promote their project work effectively across Europe.

The benefits for E.N.T.E.R. users have been enhanced even more with the launch of our comprehensively redesigned website in autumn 2015, giving EU project professionals a greater range of features to support their dissemination and network building activities.

Another key element of E.N.T.E.R.’s work is active participation in the design and implementation of EU funded projects, both as a promoter and partner. Read more about this part of our work.