Virtual Portfolio with 2 training modules

Within the transnational project ERASMUS+ "disABILITIES Beyond Limits - Empowering young women to build a better future" was developed Product no. 2 – Virtual Portfolio, for practitioners and organizations that work with young women with disabilities (YWwD), as well as for these young women.

 The virtual portfolio includes 3 main elements:

- training module no. 1: "Leadership";

- training module no. 2: "Community problem solving";

- 1 set of 16 digital cards (each card contains a method of solving problems in the community), as part of training module no. 2.

Portfolio goal is to prepare practitioners for supporting YWwD taking the lead, stepping up outsides of limits imposed by stereotypes&stigma, developing these transversal skills around civic involvement&participation. With such skills YWwD could come out of ”invisible” area, take initiative, solve problems, contribute to community.

 The portfolio can be accessed for free by any person/organization, here:

It can also be used and adapted, depending on your own needs.