TwinRevolution provides a complete Joint Curriculum to foster the twin green and digital transition

The structure of the future TwinRevolution training course, pillar of the future e-training, has been launched after the approval of all partners. The Joint Curriculum, based on the previous industry needs analysis, is the result of a cooperative work among all project partners that have design the learning pathway to ensure a good knowledge understating on what is and how to implement a twin digital and green transition on companies of the manufacturing industry, with special focus in the furniture and textile sectors.

The Joint Curriculum divides the future learning course on 4 different training modules, with a total of 50 learning hours. Each module is composed by several learning units, that address the previously defined learning outcomes.

The 4 learning modules are:

  • Twin transition introduction: towards a green and smart manufacturing industry
  • Circular economy applied in the manufacturing industry
  • Industry4.0 technologies in the manufacturing industry
  • Twin green and digital transition

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See here the complete Joint Curriculum:

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