Training Club Magazine no. 3 – #DigiMedia

Training Club Magazine is a collection of tried and tested non-formal Erasmus teaching methods, education tools and activities for youth, adults and trainers, created by Association TEAM4Excellence. The current edition of the Magazine (no. 3) resulted after the implementation of the #DigiMedia ESC long term volunteering project. The project aimed at having an open-mind community that value the ICT tools for responsible use of digital media, taking advantages of the European cooperation and with the support of volunteers’ activities.

The scope of the Magazine is to present the activities carried out during our project, with an outlook and hints on how to apply these in other projects. For each activity, readers are given the scope, time, target group, materials, facilitation steps and lessons learnt during the implementation. The edition includes workshops, webinars, contests and other activities organized during the project period.

The Magazine is an expression of everything that took place in the project and includes:

  • About project and participants
  • Discover yourself – Teambuilding workshop
  • Social Media & Creative thinking – Webinar
  • Social Media Behavior – Workshop
  • Instagram Meme – Online contest
  • Web design for youth engagement – Web design activities
  • Design Moodle courses – Online course design
  • Our partners

If you want to submit a project proposal or to implement an ESC volunteering project, this Magazine will equip you with a practical example on how we did activities and with the methodology to do them yourself, based on our experience.

The Magazine is created under CC BY Creative Commons Attribution, meaning that it lets others distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as we are credited for the original creation. Under this license, please feel free to use partially or entirely the Magazine as it suits you best in your field of work.

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We hope that you find the content both useful and enjoyable.