The TwinRevolution interactive tool: Learn how to enhance the twin transition in each phase of the life cycle.

The TwinRevolution project has launched its interactive tool that will allow anyone interested to discover the 5 phases of the product life cycle and how circular economy and Industry 4.0 strategies can be implemented to achieve a smarter and more sustainable industry.

In this dynamic experience, any learner will discover the five pivotal phases that make up the life cycle chain of a product. Through videos and infographics, it will support students in delving deeper into how these phases can be harnessed to implement circular economy principles and embrace Industry 4.0 strategies.

Additionally, for each life cycle phase, two real industry examples are provided, tailored to the furniture and textiles sectors, which will facilitate sharing best practices and understanding how digital and circular practices could be put into practice and their benefits for companies.

The interactive tool, easily accessible through the project's website, is a complementary tool to the future training course for VET students and companies, aiming to promote the use of new technologies as facilitators of a more sustainable industry within the well-known new circular economy model.

Thanks to the TwinRevolution project, it is expected that current and future workers in manufacturing industries will have a new training platform that will allow them to update their knowledge to be at the forefront of the so-called double transition: digital and green, a fundamental pillar of the objectives of the European Union for the coming years.

Access here to the interactive tool.