YSE – Yourvid Save Energy

The aim of the project is to promote an innovative approach for teaching and learning the subjects “saving energy and sustainable energies“ at schools and in society. Raising energy awareness among students and teachers will help them to be more conscientious about energy saving at home, at work and in their life.

The following activities will be implemented:

– Design of a new didactical approach based on Web 2.0 (for e.g. social networks, podcast) to create learning units for secondary schools concerning sustainable energy.
– Development of an E-learning training for teachers based on four didactic units:
– How to create and use the digital video in the classroom?
– Sustainable energy: an alternative to traditional energies
– Energetic problems: awareness rising in schools and at home
– Social online networks and its use in environmental campaigns to promote the awareness at schools.
– In the course of the project teachers and students will produce 120 didactical videos, all about how to save energy at school and at home.
– The didactical videos will be available on a podcast repository (with subtitles in the respective languages).
– Organisation of a European competition of best digital videos. It will conclude with a European ceremony in order to award the prizes.

Teachers and students of secondary schools will work together in groups. The idea is to promote peer-to-peer education and work with the methodology of problem based learning. By creating a new didactical approach based on social networks and digital videos, an important communication channel of young people is used.