VINA (Validating Informal and Non-formal Acquired Skills) is strategic partnership between 5 organisations from 5 EU member states. They are: EURO, an Italian Research, Promotion and EU Centre Initiative (coordinator), along with partner organisations from UK (European Learning Network Ltd), Czech Republic (Evropská rozvojová agentura s.r.o.), Greece (e-Compass) and Poland (Fundacja Instytut Rownowagi Spoleczno Ekonomicznej)

The project is aimed at educators, assessors, lecturers and other main users who need to update competences and skills of adults in the informal and non-formal sector to match the needs of the 21st century. The project consortium will develop:

  • a database of Instruments for Validating Informal and Non- Formal Learning;
  • a Recognition Opportunities Tendency Analyser (R.O.T.A.)

By involving external partners, adult colleges, assessors, lecturers, public sector institutions, trainers, teachers and the wider community, the 5 partners will, through thorough research, create a database and an easy-to-use online validation tool. Both will be available as an Open Resource.

The target audiences are: individuals, trainers/teachers, institutions, and wider public all those who are involved in the assessment and validation of adult skills within the informal and non-formal education sector. Therefore, this would include (but not limited to): individuals, labour offices, job centres, employment counsellors and agencies, national qualification providers and examining authorities, education ministries and departments, universities and research centres, training providers (SMEs and NGOs) and EU level policy makers. All these stakeholders will benefit by having access to an up-to-date repository of latest validation tools and instruments, including our own ROTA system.