The year 2020 is considered to be a challenging one – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people around the world to slow down, keep social distance and stay at home. In a similar way, schools have been massively affected and online classes have become a reality, which has led to some difficulties. Surveys targeting the shortcomings related to online instruction in schools showed that teachers primarily struggle with ineffective assessment methods, increased time spent preparing lessons, a lack of guidance, advice, and resources for planning online lessons.


This is where the project TestU comes in, with the aim of anchoring the digital competences of educational staff in their professional life. The overall goal of the project is the development of a free, multilingual e-learning platform that allows easy and fast creation of various quizzes, tests and exercises, which mainly serve language teaching. The target audience is in principle all teaching and learning people, but in particular related to school activities.


With the platform it should be possible to create new tests, exercises or quizzes for the lessons in a simple and fast way or to use existing tests or exercises, which are freely available as templates on the website. In addition, teachers can use the platform to learn important information about their students and thus customize the lessons according to their personal needs. The ability for learners to complete exercises directly on the platform creates an interactive exchange between teachers and learners. This modern approach to learning and teaching also makes it possible to increase the motivation and attention of the learners.