The TechGrow project will boost the implementation of systematic technology watch processes to enhance industrial competitiveness.

Companies in traditional manufacturing sectors recognise the importance of monitoring the business environment to stay abreast of state-of-the-art trends, enabling them to prepare for market changes and develop innovation processes. With a focus on traditional sectors, products must adapt to the highly competitive market, necessitating companies to remain constantly informed about their surroundings. The systematisation of an innovation strategy is increasingly crucial in these sectors. However, before that, they need to update their skills and knowledge, as recommended in sectoral reports that advocate for the adaptation of vocational training systems to include new sector-specific skills and competencies required in the future.

The overarching objective of the TechGrow project is to enhance access to and knowledge of technology watch processes for current and future workers in the European traditional manufacturing industry, specifically in the footwear, textile, and furniture sectors. The TechGrow project will offer a methodological guide, specialised training materials, digital tools, and recommendations to training providers to upgrade and enhance the current offerings on competitive intelligence and technology watch. This will enable companies to anticipate future market trends and make informed decisions.