This project aims to create a space for intergenerational dialogue, where senior citizens’ knowledge and practices will support the personal, emotional, social and professional development of young people through activities based on biographic work, art and creativity.

Young and elder participants are matched on a 1:1 basis and are expected to work on individual “Suitcase of my life” by sharing life experiences, creating objects, photos, videos, audio files, drawings, etc. Their work will be supported through training, online tutorials on art and creative techniques and by providing creative art boxes with material and tools.

The results of the project will be displayed in travelling exhibitions in Germany, Cyprus, North Macedonia and Spain, with the aim of encouraging similar practices in the local communities. We believe that a creative and artistic approach is a great way for young and elder people to share and learn from each other while promoting mutual respect and reducing prejudice between the groups.



ILEWASI – Centro de investigación, defensa y promoción de los derechos de los niños niñas y adolescentes (Spain)


Multikultura (North Macedonia)