STEAMing Ahead

The goal of the STEAMing Ahead project is to develop a comprehensive and detailed set of resources, strategies, and pedagogical methodologies for teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts) using the golden ratio as a common reference to implement practical activities in the classroom.

Training the innovators of the 21st century

The goal is for primary education students to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process, potentially becoming the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century.

Transformative key competencies

The project aims to develop outcomes that support the acquisition of the key competencies outlined above, presenting them in a way that reflects their equal importance, while respecting the most direct connections to each of these competencies through the golden ratio: aspects that are essential to one domain will also support competencies in others.

This approach will favor the achievement of key competences, such as critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication and negotiation skills, analytical skills, creativity and intercultural skills, among others.

More engaging and diverse teaching careers

By raising the profile of the STEAM approach through innovative and collaborative work, the project partners aim to make teaching careers more engaging and diverse, opening doors to new and exciting pedagogies where teachers can be confident that they are helping to meet the needs of their students today and in the future.

Why the Golden Ratio?

We see the Golden Ratio as an ideal platform to launch practical activities in the classroom that will further the attainment of key competencies, and it has been chosen for its relevance to all original STEM subjects, while drawing on the principles of reasoning, ethics and design and encouraging creative solutions, inserting the significance of the STEAM distinction.

The Golden Ratio also carries universality, so that it will be ideal for stimulating cooperation among the Partners across borders. In the context of this work, we feel our approach can stimulate individual thinking among all the teachers who are active participants in the work of the project as well as stimulating lively discussion in meetings and virtual settings to improve pedagogical ideas and stimulate new approaches.

Expected results

STEAMing Ahead will develop a common reference to implement practical activities in the classroom that favor the achievement of key competences:

  • Strategies, Methodologies and Analysis: its goal is to set out a methodological framework appropriate for curriculum development and the acquisition of educational resources to serve such a curriculum that can be applied in the three school Partners at a later stage. Download the full report here.
  • Curricula, Resources and Assessments: its goal is to develop a course curriculum that will apply strategies and methodologies from the first result, sourced online for use in the digital elements of the teaching, together with original audio-visual material created within the project.
  • Courses, Modules and Peer–Learning Activities: its goal is to establish a holistic cooperation for the implementation of the curriculum created in the project, with enabling activities, the application of e-Learning material, at least two artistic or cultural events in each school and piloting of key parts of the curriculum created.
  • Guidelines, Publications and Recommendations: its goal is to create a detailed report on the implementation of the curriculum in the classroom applying cooperation, collaboration, and peer-learning, including also a set of best practice guidelines appropriate for teachers to think about their own implementation of STEAM.

The partnership

The STEAMing Ahead project partnership is made up of seven organizations: