Proficiency Train-the-Trainer Programme for trainers of company mentors and The Ultimate Company Mentor Survival Toolkit

After working two years the partners of SustainVET (Bridging the gap of in-company trainers soft-skills competences in the VET sector) has arrived the moment of sharing our final results.

The objective of the SUSTAIN VET project is to support company mentors in the planning, design, delivery and assessment of IVET apprenticeship schemes. The project introduces a didactical approach around which company syllabus is designed and mentorship organized. This approach is called Situation-based didactics. Situated learning basis on the finding that the situated knowledge is predominant over the declarative and sensorimotor/procedural and attitude related knowledge because its activation happens spontaneously.

It is the entry door to all other knowledge and is regarded as an appropriate method linking practical experiences with theory in order to achieve optimal responsiveness of WBL to the labour market needs.

Considering the target groups of the project, trainers of company mentors and company mentors of apprentices, the Partnership have developed innovative intellectual outputs to enhance their skills and competences with user-friendly tools to plan, design and execute training syllabus, monitor apprentices’ progress and provide constructive feedback.

What we have done

The main objective of our Proficiency Train-the-Trainer Programme for trainers of company is to empower and build the capacity of the trainers with series of relevant competences related to WBL such as to train company mentors how to design training syllabus in line with school-based training following the situation-based approach; how to establish procedures for the assessment of the progress of apprentices; how to communicate with VET providers; how to establish an adequate feedback process as well as techniques/methods for provision of relevant trainings to mentors.

Our The Ultimate Company Mentor Survival Toolkit wants to provide company mentors of apprentices with an instrument for constant reference in terms of rights and obligations of the parties involved in WBL; applicable legislation; templates and procedures (monitoring, feedback forms etc.) for implementation of apprenticeship schemes.

Who we are

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and is implemented, by a transnational consortium led by Modern Education Foundation (Bulgaria) (Bulgaria), which includes partners from four other countries: Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry (Bulgaria),  Macedonian Civic Education Centre (Republic of North Macedonia), M&M Profuture Training, S.L. (Spain) and Panevėžys Vocational education and training centre (Lithuania) .

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