Project Mission and Vision

We applied for an Erasmus+ funding with the project SEN4CE to provide high quality adult education about Circular Economy to support the development of sustainable societies for all generations.

For that SEN4CE will address seniors (60+) with a digital training program to foster life-long learning that empowers them to actively engage in the “green transition” and connect them with the young generations, for whom sustainability and circular economy are absolutely vital in the truest sense of the word.

The project also addresses people working with seniors in retirement and care contexts with a combined circular economy digital train the trainer course.


The core aim and overall objective we want to achieve with SEN4CE is to engage and empower seniors for the green, sustainable, and digital circular economy of the future and involve them in high-quality adult education and life-long learning.

The primary target group (seniors 60+ years) will be directly addressed with an adult education digital training program on circular economy, that can directly be shared and used by adult education and life-long learning providers.

To reach the primary target group even better, a specific train-the-trainer digital training for people working with seniors in care/retirement contexts is developed.

To reach the overall objective, we have identified the following concrete objectives for SEN4CE are:

1. To empower seniors to actively take part in sustainability and circular economy discussions, programs and initiatives

2. To foster life-long learning with custom tailored digital training materials for seniors on circular economy and digital tools

3. To foster intergenerational knowledge transfer and intersectoral (adult education/care and retirement) networks

4. To achieve a large, international impact, by addressing the target group through a broad spectrum of multipliers and channels