The project vision is to create vibrant local, regional and European learning communities, fuelled by Regional Learning Facilitators. New organisational concepts and ownership of issues and concerns from the crowd are needed. The approach lies in analogue and digital networking and support structures that take into account the value of informal networks. The key message of the project is: “When we share, we win”. By learning communities, we mean forms of exchange and cooperation organised by ourselves or supported by the community, which ideally are supported by the involvement of education authorities. The Learning Communities deal with solutions to upcoming problems in everyday education, with challenges of the education system at different system levels, with the creation, exchange and further development of teaching materials, etc. The Learning Communities are also involved in the development of new teaching materials and in the development of new teaching methods.

As concrete project goals:

  • training of 24 Regional Learning Community Facilitators
  • at least 12 Regional Learning Communities in 4 European countries
  • creation of a European cross-border learning community with at least 48 active members
  • development of a Learning Community Facilitator Curriculum, which will later become a standard KA1 workshop offer.
  • development of an AI-supported passive networking platform for teachers and school stakeholders to test a further development option for eTwinning that currently relies only on active search functions

The target group are teachers and their reference system. The aim is to indirectly support the work of the teachers and to facilitate their planning, implementation and follow-up of their lessons by focusing on the principles of cooperation and exchange. Through active networking, but also by pointing out connection possibilities, teachers should no longer have the feeling of being alone in the corridor, but embedded in a professional system that also brings them more self-confidence and self-efficacy.