The project READ-IN-CLUB—READ-INg for CuLtUres across Borders—includes 6 partners (CulturePolis, Hellenic Foundation for Culture, iTStudy, Slovenia Writers’ Association, Sršen Ivan—Sandorf Publishing, and iED) from 5 different countries (Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Cyprus) and derives from the need to equip our society with those skills and competences which are essential to ensuring a swift and smooth recovery from the crisis.

In READ-IN-CLUB, the art of literature and the institution of book clubs and reading communities, together with the power of digital technology, comprise powerful facilitators of informal learning and dialogue, and create a supportive cultural environment where people are encouraged to become innovators and effective lifelong learners.

In this context, READ-IN-CLUB targets professionals of the book industry who organize and coordinate the operation of reading clubs or other educational activities related to literature: writers, authors, translators, directors, and representatives of private and public libraries, moderators of reading clubs/book clubs, managers of publishing houses and literary organizations, publishers, editors.

The main results of the READ-IN-CLUB project are: 

  1. READ-IN-CLUB Research Report (IO1): It summarizes the impact of COVID 19 in the CCS and the book sector specifically, based on desk research and reports collection. It outlines the value of reading clubs in adult developement and, finally it incorporates data from 5 countries – GR, CYP, HR, SL, and CR – to showcase the needs of reading clubs & identify the training gaps of reading club coordinators in interpreting literature as a tool for intercultural dialogue. 
  2. the Virtual Training Seminars for «Lit. Mentors» (IO2): It is the educational program that attempts to integrate in the reading communities’ context the cultural, social and education dimensions of literature for intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.
  3. the #Read-IN-ClubDigital (IO3): It is a digital common space dedicated to the promotion, awareness-raising, and knowledge-sharing on issues related to books, reading clubs, and cultures. It includes the website, the e-learning platform, and a social platform for book clubs. 
  4. the READ-IN-CLUB e-Manual (IO4): It is a practical toolkit full of guidelines, instructions and case studies that help book club coordinators to transform their clubs into life-long learning environments where intercultural dialogue and skills building are taken place, using all the tools of the READ-IN-CLUB project.