The project QMS4VET (2018-2020) investigates the topic of quality management systems in educational institutions (mainly vocational schools). In this project, six project weeks will be carried out in which the individual quality management systems (QMS) of the partner organisations will be examined and analysed in detail. At the end of the project, the results will be summarised in a QMS toolkit to support vocational schools (and other educational institutions) throughout Europe in implementing or improving QMS systems.

The main objectives of the cooperation of the project consortium, which included partners from the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Finland is to learn from each other to concentrate on the strenghts of each partner/country practices and support the implementation of the most adequate ones to further integrate the learning outcomes approach as part of the quality assurance systems.

To get more information you can visit the project homepage: https://www.aventus.nl/qms4vet#