Pro-VET will introduce a systematic approach to continuous professional development on European VET policy and practice for VET teachers (in-service trainers, instructors, mentors etc.) and HE teachers engaged in VET teacher training in both school and work-based settings for Serbia and Russia by e-learning tools.

Pro-VET will provide opportunities for HE/VET teachers for pedagogical skill development and increased work-life relevance and collaboration with proven European approaches and methodologies in VET. It will help to build confidence in the industry on the development of the VET systems. Pro-VET will therefore address the challenges of the educational quality, relevance, delivery, and management of the VET systems following VET Pointers for policy development.

VET Educator’s Training Network (VET-ETN) is formed around the eight partner institutes of Pro-VET in Russia and Serbia. VET-ETN actors engage policy makers and other stakeholders in a policy dialogue on VET issues nationally and explore the potential of European practice to assist development of national and regional vocational sectors. Each institute within the network provides training and consultancy to their own stakeholder networks in VET sector to enhance quality of VET education and meet the requirements of industry stakeholders. The training materials and courses are openly accessible via the e-learning platform of the VET-ETN that promotes dissemination of the European approaches in VET to Serbian and Russian speaking HE/VET teachers globally.