The PENELOPE team is starting this new 3-year project (November 2022-October 2025) to develop trainings, videos and practical guides to encourage gender equality implementation strategies in European SMEs, using the cluster approach.

In order to have a wide scope, these tools will mainly target clusters (networks of SMEs grouping companies in the same sector) as well as PTCEs.

The PENELOPE team will work on the development of different tools :

  • A manual giving clear guidelines for cluster staff on gender mainstreaming. This guide will include good practices, interviews, evaluation tools, ways to improve communication and monitoring of the situation of women and men in companies.
  • A toolkit in the form of about 20 videos on gender equality strategies, to help clusters and SMEs build a corporate culture and develop internal strategies that integrate the gender dimension
  • An online training platform with different training and learning paths, aimed at cluster and SME staff, and integrating gamification techniques.