Article 29 of the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities states that people with disabilities have the right to fully participate in political and public life. But still, people with intellectual disabilities face severe limitations in exercising their political rights due to various situations.

The project myPart aims to enhance political participation of people with intellectual disabilities. The project emphasises on the role of all people as citizens and strengthens this understanding amongst people with intellectual disabilities.

Active Citizenship will be targeted and increased through a set of methods that come along the topic civic education:

myPart Workshops for Civic Education: Workshops (five modules) are developed dealing with topics like Civil Rights, Basics of Democracy, European Values, Choice and Decision-making Processes, Political Participation: Having a voice.

myPart Handbook (easy-to-read): The handbook is the practical tool for the workshops and will be in easy to read and understand language.

myPart Videoclips: Five videos will seize the workshop topics and present them for people with intellectual disabilities but also for the general public.

myPart Policy Recommendations: Information and recommendations about civic participation of people with intellectual disabilities on regional, national and European levels are collected in this brochure.