The impact climate and global change (CC and GC) is endangering human health, food security and biodiversity. Urgent action is needed to achieve 2030 zero pollution goals.

MAR2PROTECT will provide a holistic approach to prevent groundwater (GW) contamination from GC and CC impacts based on a new-generation managed aquifer recharge (MAR). The core of the innovative MAR is the M-AI-R DSS that will incorporate technological and societal engagement information using an AI-based evaluation to improve GW quality. To ensure a high replication potential, M-AI-R DSS will collect information from 5 demo sites in EU (PT, IT, ES, NL) and 2 in non-EU countries (TN, ZA) which were carefully chosen by their degree of maturity from previous successful projects and a wide range of settings in terms of climatic conditions, water sources, type of pollution, MAR scheme and political/societal context. All technologies will be tested and validated until TRL5. MAR2PROTECT will ensure a strong engagement of civil society in GW prevention actions, up to a SRL equal to 6. The project will involve national and EU policy makers that, in collaboration with a Community of Practice formed by worldwide experts, will guarantee the strengthening EU policy for the prevention of GW contamination.

Thanks to its holistic approach and to the high replicability of its results, MAR2PROTECT will lead to a marked enhancement in GW protection across the EU and beyond, and to the generation of knowledge for the transition to a sustainable water management. The consortium includes 8 partners and 1 affiliated entity from 6 different EU-countries and Switzerland and 2 international partners from Tunisia and South Africa: 2 Universities (UNIBO, KTU), 7 RTOs (NOVA-COO, CIIMAR, CETAND +AQUA, IHE, IT, ISSBAT, SUWI) and 1 Association (FEUGA). In addition, the inclusion of 3 large water utilities as associated partners and a policy maker from ZA will lead to a relevant enhancement of the project impact.