M.T. and C.H.

Our project is a type of project that blends digital tools and cultural heritage. Our project, which was carried out under the coordination of Poland with the participation of 5 schools from 5 different countries, lasted a total of 3 years.

During our project, our students got to know different cultural heritage elements and understood the importance of transferring them to future generations.

Many researches and surveys have been conducted on Cultural Heritage from past to present. The problem that arises on the basis of all these studies is that the young generation does not adopt, care and protect the Cultural Heritage. People knew their cultural heritage better years ago and protected more. Nowadays, the new generations exposed to different broadcasts such as the internet and television forget their national culture. Our project was born out of the concern of cultural corruption due to the rapid changes in the lives of our youth. In the observations made by our project team; It was worrying for us that students’ curiosity and motivation about cultural heritage are very low. In this context, we decided to cooperate at the European level so that our students discover their cultural heritage and learn how to relate it to today’s life.

The main theme of our project is to achieve our goals by combining our Cultural Heritage with today’s technology and making it sustainable. Cultural heritage According to the Eurobarometer survey, nine out of ten Europeans ask for European cultural heritage to be taught in schools. For this to happen, it is very important that students receive an international education on this subject. In this context, our project will be enabled our students to explore the European cultural heritage, strengthened the sense of belonging to a common European culture and offered them a unique experience. In addition, our project supports the European Union’s goal of “revealing Europe’s rich cultural heritage” and UNESCO’s views on the protection of cultural heritage.