Let’s be smARTS!

”Youth smARTS&Creative for Inclusion and Participation!” (Let’s be smARTS!) is a transnational project led by the Federation for Accessibility of Romania (FAR) and implemented together with 4 organizations:

– Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy (ACE-ES Romania) – Romania.

– Fundación Coremsa – Spain.

– Embaixada da Juventude – Portugal.


The project started on March 1, 2021 and will end on February 28, 2023, with a duration of 24 months. It was developed with the support of the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Program, KA227 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


To create a collaborative framework enabling youth workers and other professionals involved in youth work to increase the quality of their work and their initiatives&services for supporting young people (including the vulnerable ones) to develop their creative potential, to have professional&personal success and to be connected to the cultural and creative sectors through Arts&Innovation Programs and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The main project results are:

  1. a) IO1 – ”Out of the Box” – Digital Cards for developing Creativity.
  2. b) IO2 – ”Connected2smARTS” – as a virtual space where young people can freely collaborate with other people from any domain of arts. They can interact, connect and create own artistic stuff around transversal themes of humanity (as Inclusion, Solidarity, Love, Participation, Tolerance, Life etc.).
  3. c) IO3 – ”Youth workers – let’s be smARTS” – a digital kit for planning, developing&implementing Arts&Creativity Programs using digital tools.
  4. d) IO4 – ”Social Entrepreneurship for smARTS” – a Training Pack with 5 modules developing abilities so important for running a successful social business in arts and creative sectors by youth.

These results can be accessed free of charge by any organization and/or interested person, on the project website, here: https://lets-be-smart.eu/Results/