Title: ISSA

Subtitle: Improving Solutions for Student Absenteeism

For a long time, Early School Leaving (ESL) has been one of the matters on which several investigations have been made in international background and especially in European Union. To prevent ESL in EU countries, some radical precautions have been taken, and dropping the ESL rate has become one of the 2020 targets of European Union as mentioned in Education and Training in Europe 2020 (ET 2020). According to ET 2020, one of the education targets of EU by 2020 is to reduce the rates of young people leaving education and training with no more than secondary education to below 10 % and according to Country- Specific Recommendations (CSRs) in the area of education, prevention, intervention and compensation requirements will be implemented.

In the light of explanations above, the main aim of the Project is to find international solutions to be used for diminishment of absenteeism, and also to identify the reasons of Student Absenteeism by preparing and conducting an “Student Absenteeism Survey” to target group which are the formal students of secondary education mostly between the ages 14-18 and these students will be chosen from the schools which are defined by the partners as implementation area.

In accordance with the results of this survey, an Individual Solution Module for Absenteeism (ISMA) has been developed to make personally identifiable approaches and solutions to the factors that keep away the student from school and also an “ISMA Pathway” has been generated as a data pool.

The counsellors has been trained by experts to create new content which will enable students to think about their career in a better way: as a trainer provider this has been the main role of M&M inside ISSA project.

To make the outcomes of this project more accessible, an online platform has been be established and with the help of this platform, individuals will be able to get online support from the experts and they will be directed to right persons who are related to their problems.

In addition to these, Theatre Pedagogy will be developed which will address to the subconscious of students about the disadvantages of SARESLE and this will be translated all the languages of the partner countries.



  • Survey for Student Absenteeism
  • Creation of Interactive E-Platform
  • Individual Solution Module for Absenteeism (ISMA)
  • Content Creation for Training of Trainers Activity
  • Preparation of Theatre Pedagogy


Project Partners


Dumlupinar University (DPU) – (Coordinator) – Kutahya/TURKEY –

Technological Educational Institute Of Crete (TEI of CRETE) – Heraklion/GREECE –

Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW) – Wuppertal/GERMANY –

Kutahya Rehberlik ve Arastirma Merkezi – Kutahya/TURKEY –


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“SARESLE is not just a local or regional or national problem, but an international one. EU’s reports and strategy plans about “Tackling Early School Leaving” which takes place in ET 2020 shows that this is the problem of most of EU Countries and nations are gathering to deal with this problem in an effective way rather than acting nationally. Also having a partner like Germany which has almost reached the EU target for ESL will offer an insight as a good example to the countries that have difficulty in preventing SARESLE.”