The modern, technological and digital society relies on a constantly growing energy consumption. Although several countries are investing more and more in green energy and renewable resources, the traditional energy transmission and distribution infrastructures are overloaded and often inadequate, with a consequent inefficient use of the power systems. It is nowadays essential to develop the electric networks and systems according the new paradigms. Intelligent systems, distributed power sources and smart grids are considered the next future of electric systems. All these devices, interconnected through the web and empowered through Internet of things (IoT) technologies realize the Internet of Energy (IoE).

Recent studies show that, although the IoT technologies are quickly growing and pervading all the sectors of technology, the IoE development and diffusion is slower than expected. Main limits seem to be the lack of professionals in the sector and the low level of knowledge of this technology.
The need to facilitate the diffusion of IoE technology at European level and the lack of professionals in the sectors are the rationale behind the IoE – EQ project that seeks to provide professionals with new qualifications enabling them to support the digital transformation of the European companies by exploiting advantages of IoE technology.

This objective will be reached by pursuing the specific objectives of:

  • raising awareness among European enterprises of the IoE technologies, applications, and benefits for their competitiveness and economical growth;
  • creating VET qualifications for professionals inside European companies, enhancing their digital competences and training them to introduce and manage IoE technologies and applications.

The IoE qualifications will be designed using the ECVET and e-CF instruments. This will allow the transnational recognition of the acquired competences and enhance the employability of the qualified users at European level.

The project long-term benefit will be to speed up and increase the use of IoE across all economic sectors, fostering the European economy grow thanks to the digital transformation of the corporate sector.