i-Mentor has been designed for supporting the Europe’s need in this gender balance efforts, in parallel to above mentioned UN’s 2030 Agenda and also EC initiatives regarding to
supporting SMEs’ growth (https://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/support/networks_en) by establishing many networks and support channels; consequently bringing a new e-VET based
approach, supporting the creation of new vocation, business angel model-based mentoring and tackling the problem via this channel.

For this purpose, i-Mentor will perform:
– business life (small/micro) & mentoring practical multi-level e-learning “content need” analysis, by holding practical and intelligent surveys by the aid of partner women NGOs and
SMEs, as well as rest of VET and R/D performer partners, in all project countries,
– Develop multi-level business life & mentoring e-learning and e-guiding platform for mentees and mentors,
– Test the whole system, including mentor-mentee relations extending to business angel model, individual information seekers responses, e-guiding performance by using intelligent
and interactive feedback toolkit,
– Optimize the overall system by using the continuous feedback and include both volunteer and business angel based model mentors for better sustainability of the complete i-Mentor
system; and finally justify the new mentoring model’s efficiency.
At the end of the performance, we expect to end up with a working and more efficient mentoring model supporting immigrant women owned small/micro businesses and seeing both
target groups benefiting from the result both from business and self-development perspectives.