The HANGOUT project aims to re-engage NEETs and marginalised young people into education by developing innovative, non-formal learning programmes that attract even the most reluctant learners and set them on their path to fulfilment and inclusion.

In order to achieve this objective, the partnership has developed 3 outputs:

  1. The HANGOUT Continuous Professional Development Programme for Adult Educators that supports these professionals to deliver digital media skills training to NEETs. The emphasis is on developing their digital skills and competences, so they feel comfortable delivering the 60 seconds on, 60 minutes on curriculum.
  2. “60 seconds on, 60 minutes on…” curriculum that is composed by 12 WebQuests that supports NEETs and young adults to develop digital media content and give them a voice concerning prevalent topics that need to be addressed across Europe.
  3. A MOOC platform providing access to gamified online modules of the CPD programme and the WebQuest resources.

All resources are available here: