Project objective

Public procurement offers an increasing potential market for innovative products and services, being a great opportunity to stimulate growth and jobs. To support SMEs to take this opportunity, HAePPI will develop an innovative and open training resource, which will offer an adapted curriculum to equip professionals with the specific, basic and transversal skills currently required for the public procurement of innovation.

The e-training course on public procurement of innovation will be ready in 2022

Target groups

The future HAePPI training course will address the needs of:

Professionals of the health and habitat sector, interested in boosting the opportunities of getting a public contract of innovation, expand their market share, and launch innovative new products.

VET students of industry and health specialities, such as design, furniture technology processes, e-health or electronics, who wants to achieve an innovative training and specialise in a topic with great prospects.

Regardless, the ultimate beneficiaries of the program will be any professional or SME interested in learning about public procurement as an innovation facilitator.

Project phases

1. Research and learning outcomes: A complete analysis on the current best practices on PPI and industry gaps and needs to be covered that will be the base of the learning outcomes of HAePPI training course.

2. Joint Curriculum definition: A Joint Curriculum, validated by experts and harmonised to the European Qualification Framework, that defines the structure and methodology of HAePPI training course.

3. Training content development: Training content materials structured on different modules and covering all required learning outcomes, with a high content of interactive resources, and an open license.

4. Learning evaluation: A learning platform where the training course will be available and a evaluation of all the developed materials with the participation of SMEs from the habitat and e-health sectors and stakeholders.