The idea of the project comes from the passion of the Italy for EU team for the activities promoted by the European Union, its values and cooperation between people. For this reason, we decided to create a project that attempts to stem a phenomenon that threatens solidarity and union between people: the spread of fake news. Participants will be involved in all the activities of the project and should therefore be selected according to their knowledge and interest in the theme promoted. Specially young people, who spend more and more time on the Internet and social networks, are the main target of false news for propaganda and/or profit. Therefore, they need more responsibility and knowledge to stop the flow of intentional misinformation through critical thinking and more conscious internet and media education. With this project, the consortium will create a digital toolkit that will be a collection of good practices from different European countries on how to identify fake news and how to get it reported. The toolkit will be the result of transnational work involving young people in fact checking and data collection activities, culminating in a blended mobility at the Lusophone University of Lisbon.