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The Covid-19 pandemic have had an impact among the groups of trainers of vulnerable groups, such as migrant people, and has made it evident that their is a need for a full renovation of the way we teach. 

The use of active learning methodologies, such as Flipped  and Blended Learning, stands as one of the most valid alternatives to face the difficulties and challenges that the trainers of groups with special vulnerability, have to face in the Post Covid era. Despite being a tool with great potential to organize courses aimed at adult training, it is underused in this educational sector, as its use has only been focused on school and university sectors. Within this new context, Flipped Learning becomes an option with huge potential. 

The trainers face the challenge of being the change leaders towards a new learning era, which will focus on the online modality rather than on the face-to-face modality, in a type of offer which has the added challenge of being more than training; to be a key element in their socialization process. 

Flipped DTs aims to create an innovative methodological teaching approach for designing learning programs, based on the Flipped Learning approach. The main goal of Flipped DTs is to redefine the role of the trainers of the vulnerable collectives.

The project is focused on giving a solution to the challenges that trainers of the most vulnerable groups have. This is based on Flipped and Blended Learning and the appropriate use of digital tools that allow the reinforcement of communication, collaborative learning and emotional engagement of students.

Project objective is the development of the first methodological framework based on the Flipped Learning methodology, that allows to train the first generation of Flipped Digital Teachers.

The result is a Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit – a set of open educational resources.

1. A training course on the Flipped methodology and the Flipped classroom that involves a combination of synchronous and asynchronous dimensions in the learning process. The course trains teachers on how to use and adapt the Flipped learning methodology in the design and delivery of  Flipped Classroom, as well as the use of digital tools. The Training Course consists of 9 Modules. 

2. A set of 10 Training Video Pills showing how to use digital tools and resources, + social networks to organize the online part of the teaching.

3. An interactive catalog of Good Practices that illustrates the successful application of Flipped methodology in adult education, identifying the aspects of success and indicating how to transfer them and adapt them to concrete examples with the target group. 

The Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit is now available in English, Swedish, Spanish, Greek and Polish.

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