The Fit2Lead project (2023 – 2025) aims to help people with disabilities improve their chances in the labour market and promote equality by providing specific training for team leaders, encouraging people with disabilities to take on leadership roles, and raising awareness and promoting the integration of people with disabilities in society.

The key element of Fit2Lead is the accessible inclusive leadership learning materials that will bring more people with disabilities into leadership positions.

For this purpose, the following materials will be developed in the project:

Barrier-free training for people with disabilities in leadership positions:

  • Barrier-free learning materials for inclusive leadership skills
  • Handbook for adult educators for the use of the learning materials
  • Self-assessment to boost the self-confidence of persons with disabilities to become leaders

Outreach and impact – Better oportunities for people with disabilities in the labor market:

  • Policy paper – disabled leaders for more equal opportunities in the labor market
  • Awareness podcast series