The FASA project is focused on enhancing the Work-based skills of Social Care Practitioners and professionals in the field of Intimate Partnership Violence victim support, through Capacity Building on the topic of Treatment of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence with Problematic Substance Use.

During COVID 19 pandemic situation an increase in intimate partner violence has been a worrying consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic in EU Member States and globally. Lockdown measures imposed in many countries have increased the exposure of victims to perpetrators, with increased levels of stress and economic instability potentially exacerbating the issue.

Moreover, our FASA project was a needed project focus on the creation of specialized training material and tools, to facilitate the implementation of innovative interventions based on the multi-agency approach and to promote professionals to apply substance use and victim support simultaneously, as problems of one multi-sided phenomenon and after the pandemic situation we confirm that it has converted in a useful and needed learning tool.

We have based our training material on the IO1 Analytical report on women survivors of intimate partner violence and problematic substance use.

The Training Manual for professionals; VET Course structure and modules for professional; Online Learning Space and Massive Online Open Course and a Guidelines for Social Care professionals in the field of Substance Use have been our final results.

All the materials and the course are available at our FASA project website: fasaproject.eu

If you want to know more, you can contact at mmoreno@mmprofuture.com


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