EU-VOICE aims to support the integration of Third Country Nationals and to promote relationships between TCNs and host-country nationals by organizing volunteering experiences with TCNs in the cultural sector in 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom). Attention is given to gender balance and social inclusion. Volunteering is adopted as a main tool for integration, cultural activities aim to involve everyone with a shared European heritage to enhance a sense of belonging.
Project activities include: training of trainers, workshops to promote volunteering, seminars on active citizenship, training to prepare the volunteers-to-be and a 25 day-long volunteering experience for hundreds of TCNs and country nationals together in cultural activity contexts, such as libraries, museums, youth centres, landscape and environment care and preservation, arts festivals and meetings. A methodology for trainers on how to involve TCNs in cultural volunteering, a cultural volunteer toolkit and a training booklet are main project products. A documentary film, a Volunteer Caravan of events in partner and other EU countries and a final Conference will share the EU-Voice approach and results with a wider audience.
Our partnership is made of 6 organizations from: Italy (CESVOT, Coordinator; Co&So); Greece (Unites Societies of Balkans NGO); Republic of Ireland (Meath Community Rural & Social Development Partnership); United Kingdom (Volunteering Matters), Austria (E.N.T.E.R. GmbH).