DIS.CO project is a Strategic Partnership supporting innovation in the field of vocational Education and Training, aiming at Enhancing the Work-based skills of Counselling Practitioners through Networking and Capacity Building on the topic of “Counselling at a Distance”, when working with Women Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence or Abuse.

The DIS.CO project engages with vocational education & training of counselling professionals working with women affected by violence and/or abuse on the topic of Counselling at a Distance (CaaD). It aims at the creation of specialised training material & tools, to enhance the work-based competences of counselling practitioners & facilitate the creation of virtual workspaces & alternative ways of support for women affected by violence and/or abuse.

M&M, being partner in this project funded by Erasmus, promotes innovative digital learning methods (e-learning) accompanied with work-related digital tools (online Safety Planning Application) as well as conventional practical guides.

Why counselling at a distance? The online counselling services present an innovative and sustainable solution to the needs of people that might otherwise not get help such as those with special needs (deaf, non-ambulatory), agoraphobics, ambivalent or pre-contemplative patients, low income patients without means of transportation, people with busy lives, isolated people who have no one to share their problems with or those whose distance prohibits regular contact .

In addition, it offers a sometimes much-desired confidentiality/privacy for people who are uncomfortable with face to face counselling. Last but not least, it provides an alternative access for the young generation which is far more familiar and comfortable with technology and prefers online communication.

Main objectives of the Project:

  • Strengthen cooperation, exchanges and networking between Partners on the topic of CaaD for women victims of violence or abuse;
  • Improve work-based skills of counsellors working with women victims by developing CaaD skills through development and delivery of VET;
  • Promote innovative practices in the field of counselling women victims and exploit ICT potential through developing/ improving ICT related skills and setting up virtual workplaces;
  • Improve the capacity of participating organisations as well as other interested ones through the production and dissemination of training material and courses for staff and volunteers;
  • Deliver efficient services of high quality for victims of violence or abuse in the context of victim support


Project Partners

UWAH – Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture (Greece) (LP)

QUB – The Queen’s University of Belfast (United Kingdom)

UoC – University of Crete (Greece)

UT – Tartu Ulikool (Estonia)

WSIC – MTU Naiste Tugi-ja Teabekeskus (Estonia)


FU – Mesokeleas LTD, Frederick University (Cyprus)


NEXUS NI – Nothern Ireland Rape Crisis Association (United Kingdom)

WAVE – Women Against Violence Europe (Austria)



You can know more about the project, participate on our on-line course  and access to all our intellectual outputs at: https://discoprojectcom.wordpress.com/



Contact at info@mmprofuture.com


“Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic abuse or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.” – The National Domestic Violence Hotline