Digit+: Digitization in order to increase school performance and the formation of professional skills

M&M is partner in this project funded by Erasmus+ Digit +, a two-year project. Our project brings together 10 partners, 4 NGO, 1 SME, 1 SE, 4 VET schools and 14 associated partners (VET schools) with the common interest to support disadvantaged learners for best integration in new digital society. They are all of them involved in VET education. The project falls under the EU Strategic Partnerships for vet education – Key Action 202 (KA2): Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

Our reasons…

The remote education experienced during Covid crisis increased the inequalities between students with different educational needs and backgrounds and the number of students at risk of social marginalisation and school drop-out augmented. We need to offer more flexible and attractive training programs that will be more easily accessed directly or from a distance and integrated into each student/trainee path of professionalization to prevent school dump and to help schools to integrate in European Educational Space by internationalization. A needs analyses among 562 teachers/trainers and learners from project partner or associated schools about remote learning revealed that digital education is best way to inshore access to education during difficult and also the best way to share education between countries but a better digital preparation for VET teachers and students is compulsory. The creation of digital means and platforms for integrative team-work in specific VET domains is a main need. Digital learning in vocational education will be exemplified and explained by practical step-by step guidelines for teachers and students.

Our goals…

Teachers will have a better vision of their role in the on-line inclusive schools and will increase their positive impact on students especially on those with special educational needs, they will be more confident in their on-line teaching abilities and will work in a sense of daily by experience and collaboration improvement. They will be empowered with better pedagogical skills for on-line inclusive teaching and counselling. Learners will integrate better in on-line classrooms, will develop a better interest for on-line learning, a better autonomy in their learning activity and the rate of school failure will substantially decrease because of the teachers improved on-line activity – acquiring knowledge and know-how that will make them more able to get a job abroad or to work in international teams – improved level of key competences and skills – better learning results of the students with special educational needs -better digital and language and communication skills that will increase their chances to access the workforce market including for remote work.

OBJECTIVES to be reached in the participating schools will be achieved trough on-line training activities:

O1. Increase the number of VET Teachers and learners from partner schools participating in international remote teaching/training by improvement of training offers and use of innovative and integrative team-learning digital support.

O2. Decrease the number of learners from partner schools at risk of school dump with low level of skills and social exclusion by offer them tailored remedial lessons, increase their digital skills, use of innovative training methods based on integrative team-learning.

O3. Increase international dimension of participant schools by adding accessible and transferable digital courses/modules in their curricula, and give solutions for mutual recognition of skills acquired in international contexts.

Our results

IO1 DIGIT+ interactive platform is technical support for training, evaluation and built learning interactive spaces. It will contain curriculum /courses and evaluation instruments for teachers in order to make them able to use innovative methods and practices for adaptation of remote teaching to student’s needs, to inshore equal opportunities for disadvantaged students: https://digit-platform.ro/

IO2 Guide for creation and use digital learning instruments dedicated to teachers/trainers/researchers

IO3 Initial training module for disadvantaged learners deliverable face to face and/or remotely for disadvantaged learners that will inshore them basic skills for the use of digital learning instruments

IO4 Advanced training module for digital learning dedicated to students wIO5. International counselling & guidance support network will sustain international digital education.

IO5 International counselling and guidance support network that sustain digital education

IO6 Guide for managing burnout in digital education will help teachers and students to be more efficient in digital education.

IO7 Guide for creation of transferable learning modules/courses/units, integration of learning outcomes from abroad learning experiences into main path VET schools internationalisation will be put at schools disposal.

You will find all the material on our platform HERE.