The Foundation for Education, Health and Development, together with M&M Profuture Trainning, is undertaking an innovative project to support the development of digital competencies in the micro and small enterprise sector. The initiative, funded under the Erasmus+ program and the KA210-VET action – Small-scale Partnerships in the Vocational Education and Training sector, aims to create an interactive training course for business representatives, available in three languages.

Idea and Goals of the Project

The primary goal of the project is to develop a substantive and methodological interactive course that will help improve the digital competencies of the staff of micro and small enterprises (MiM). Planned activities include creating a guide that describes essential digital competencies, defining appropriate development paths, and developing training materials in Polish, Spanish, and English. Additionally, the project involves preparing a digital competency assessment tool and conducting job-shadowing workshops. The project will culminate in two summary conferences, one in Poland and one in Spain, to review the project’s outcomes.

Innovative Project – Innovative Results

The result of the project will be a comprehensive, interactive course designed to enhance the digital competencies of the staff of micro and small enterprises. The course, available in three languages and various levels of advancement, will be implemented on a dedicated online platform. This will enable participants from partner organizations and other interested individuals to improve their digital skills, better preparing them for the challenges of the modern labor market.

Objective: Practical Application

The results of the project have significant practical implications for the European micro and small enterprise sector, as they will contribute to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of small firms. Through the interactive course, entrepreneurs will gain access to modern educational tools that will allow them to continuously develop their skills. This initiative also supports the dissemination of knowledge and best practices in digitalization, which is crucial in the context of global technological trends.

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