Cultural Heritage from Past to Pre.

Since our project brings together young people from different backgrounds and cultures with Youth Exchange, it is envisaged to enable young people to develop a positive perspective on other cultures and to increase the dialogue and intercultural interaction among young people. In addition, cultural heritage, which is the subject of our project, will support both combating all kinds of negative attitudes and behaviors such as prejudice and racism, and understanding the differences, without discriminating between religion, race, language and gender. Different types of activities planned during our project will provide important benefits for young people to learn about different cultures and traditions and live in a multicultural environment.

Our project will provide equal opportunities for young people who have difficulties in accessing cultural activities due to their limited or disadvantaged situations, and enable them to participate in various trainings and international cultural activities. Young people who are away from the society, shy, introverted and have difficulty in adapting to the society, extending their creativity and expressing themselves in front of other young people by participating in games and workshops in the project activities as a group and individually, developing more actively, emotionally. they will be young people who are successful in balanced and social relations.

Being a part of cultural heritage and dealing with cultural activities is not only a physical work, but a process of socializing and adapting to society. Cultural heritage activities consist of a number of rules, just like in social life. An individual dealing with cultural activities must follow certain rules to be successful. This will affect the individual’s self-discipline feeling and become a successful individual in social life.

Workshops, group works, games and presentations that will be applied during youth exchange will enable young people to socialize, increase their self-confidence, develop responsibility, learn to learn, communication skills, foreign language proficiency and work. In addition, youth leaders will acquire knowledge and skills related to their professional development, while partners and the local community will develop their capacities across Europe. Youth exchange will increase the awareness of young people about the concept of Europe they live in by contributing to the education process. Our project will both strengthen young people’s sense of European citizenship and help them understand the role they will play as part of current and future Europe.

During the project period, young people will increase their performance and increase their capacity in this way by understanding and applying new methods, in understanding the diverse society. After the end of the project, they will be motivated to transfer their experiences to other activities. In addition, within the scope of Erasmus + program, our students will improve their presentation skills and motivate to work in cooperation with the group. In the project activities, they will be able to carry out other joint activities in multicultural environments with their co-workers. In addition, the experiences and gains that young people get from this project will be the motivation for young people to start other Erasmus + projects. Participating young people will be able to use the information and methods they will obtain from our project in their own lives and share them with other young people.