According to the PIAAC Survey of Adult Skills a significant number of European adult citizens struggle with basic reading and writing, calculation. In addition to that, the lack of digital skills among these adults is also a problem worth considering which acts as a drawback in their every-day lives.

The COMP-UP consortium, having previous experience with disadvantaged and low qualified adults, suggests that updating competences of Adult Education Professionals (AEP) who support adult learners is a reply to improve the literacy, numeracy and digital skills of this target group.


The COMP-UP project, in line with the needs and priorities listed above, will be aimed at increasing the motivation of low-qualified adult learners to take part in education and improve their literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

In practice COMP-UP aims to:

  • Collect and analyse EU and NA projects and tools in the field
  • Identify the competence gaps of Adult Education Professionals
  • Supply competences to AEPs to motivate low-qualified adult learners in improving their skills
  • Update digital competences of AEPs through a blended-learning methodology and the use of Webinars
  • Develop an online platform designed to be a “resources library” and valorise EPALE platform activities
  • Implement Motivation workshops
  • Build a Local and EU Network of AEPs using the same methodologies
  • Valorise the COMP-UP concept and training


  • COMP-UP Tools Collection, will be a collection of already developed European and national projects, tools and methodologies in the motivation and skills assessment field
  • COMP-UP Training Curriculum will supply competences to AEPs to develop effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies for low-qualified adult learners and to use skill assessment tools in the literacy, numeracy and digital area.
  • COMP-UP Online platform will contain all the developed materials and findings
  • COMP-UP Motivation Toolkit, will be a practical resource for AEPs to implement Motivation workshops to low-qualified adult learners, with step-by-step description on how to carry out the activities.