The CEL4ITM project aims to highlight the growth of Tourism plays as important role all over Europe with the consequence of its economic and employment potential, and social and environmental impact. It also contributes to employment and economic growth, as well as to development of rural, peripheral or less-developed areas.
The project is focused on supporting non-formal education and transfer of experience and knowledge in the field of tourism, adopting blended learning and coaching and mentoring approaches by the means of open, innovative and easy-to-use digital tools.

This is an ERASMUS+ project, which will be belivered between October 2018 and September 2020. This project has been financed with support of the ERASMUS+ KA2, Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.

The CEL4ITM Strategic Partnership is formed by 6 organisations with different backgrounds and expertise from 5 European countries.

1.- EVM as a coordinator is an ecosystem of people, tools and processes that are organized in an agile and innovative way to offer an effective, efficient and high added value response to the different challenges and problems that arise from any area of our society.

2.- FORIM as a partner is is the italian Agency of the Chamber of commerce, industry, craftmanship and agriculture of Potenza (Basilicata) founded in 1992.

3.- LAMK as a partner is a is a multidisciplinary higher education institution (HEI) located in the city of Lahti in the southern part of Finland. Lahti UAS is the largest institute of higher education in the región.

4.- NIKANOR as a partner is Bulgarian private company working in the field of recruitment, adults training and human resources management and development. It is licensed by NAVET as a Vocational Educational Training Center, specialized in training
personnel for the tourism sector.

5.- SMEBOX is a Swedish company started in 1999 based on tools and methods for training and developing SMEs and managers/company owners.

6.- STPEUROPA as a partner is Professional Training Solutions (STP Consulting) as a Vocational Training center is located in Zaragoza (Spain) and it The offers training courses and technical support to private companies, public administration in rural areas, schools, NGOs and Incubators of Entrepreneurs into innovation in the areas of education sector, and professional solutions of non-profit sector.

To achieve the aims, the project will carry out a BLENDED TRAINING PACKAGE consisting of:

1.-Mapping of skills and competences deficits in the field of tourism: It will help defining the content of the modular programme and resource library .

2.-Creation of a webportal with e-learning platform: It will contain the modular programme and resource library.

3.-Creation of a modular programme.