BEAT – BE(come) A Tutor

School children’s academic success is, as ever, heavily dependent on their parents’ socio-economic standing. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to exacerbate this. After many months of online schooling, the demand for extra-curricular tutoring has risen exponentially. Gaps in pupils’ knowledge can only be remedied with the help of additional tutoring outside of school.

To counteract this trend and to increase equal opportunities in the educational sector, it is imperative that the voluntary tutoring network is expanded and, in so doing, that additional educational support, irrespective of parent’s financial situation, is made available. However, we’re not just looking for people who are prepared to volunteer as tutors, but also for trained tutors who can offer effective professional support. The European Commission-funded project “BEAT – BE(come) A Tutor – Professionalization in the Tutoring sector” aims to make the concept of voluntary tutoring more attractive to individuals and to offer them a fun, practical and accessible training course.

The project is being funded by the European Commission as part of the programme “Smaller Partnerships” and will run for 1 year (1.3.2022-28.2.2023).


Our Goals:

  • Development of a structured curriculum for tutor training
  • Creation of short training sessions incl. digitalisation of the sessions as part of a learning platform
  • Creation of an advertising video to attract voluntary tutors