AR4STEAM: Gamification strategies and Augmented Reality (AR) for innovative STE(A)M learning is about offering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities to upper secondary schools teachers. The project promotes the integration of immersive technologies and game-based learning such as Augmented Reality in educational programs.

The expected results of the project are:

1. Compendium of gamification strategies based on Augmented Reality for STE(A)M learning

An analysis of the existing Augmented Reality (AR) games and AR technologies, that have been contributed to game-based learning (GBL) activities for STE(A)M learning in upper secondary schools programmes.

2. Online Teacher Training Programme

An online training programme for school teachers in secondary education, aiming at provide them with the necessary skills and competences in order to learn how to use AR based gamified approaches when teaching STE(A)M.

3. Innovative STE(A)M laboratories

Development of the STE(A)M laboratories in different schools, which will engage students in activities based on innovative technologies (AR) and stimulating learning methodologies (game-based learning).