The project ADULATION aims in the promotion of civic engagement of adults and seniors through adult education. The direct target group is adult and community educators. The end beneficiaries are adult and senior learners with fewer opportunities.

The project will provide Adult Educators with an opportunity for professional development and practical educational tools to use in their work with Adult and Senior Learners.

Adult education professionals will obtain educational tools to ensure that adult and senior learners with fewer opportunities become active citizens and volunteers. Greater civic engagement is the foundation for social change and can impact countries and regions throughout Europe.

With our research, we expect more organisations at the international level to be motivated to conduct further research resulting in further improvements in adult education.


1. Research Study with the method of questionnaire surveys Research: The political dimension of the work of adult educators in Cyprus, Belgium, Hungary, and Italy (based on the European Training Strategy and the Trainer Competence Model).

2. Handbook Managing active citizenship initiatives with adult and senior coordinators and volunteers.

3. ADULATION Training toolkit to enhance citizenship of adult and senior learners. Methods and topics:

a) Photovoice to promote Human Rights and Climate Change;

b) Educational Animation (Video) to promote the right of the EU Citizens to Data protection and online privacy;

c) Storytelling to ignite the dialogue on migration and tolerance to difference;

d) Kahoot! Quizzes to challenge Euroscepticism.

4. ADULATION Toolkit for Successful Online Campaigns and Petitions.