A Tale of Migration

Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is a school that offers education and training opportunities to many immigrant students with the migration problem that has taken the whole world under its influence in recent years. According to e-school data, 122 of our 890 students come from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and continue their education at our school. Our project, which we implemented in order to facilitate the integration of our immigrant students studying at our school and to find solutions to the problems of our immigrant students, was funded by the Turkish National Agency in 2020.
As a result of the surveys and interviews we conducted with immigrant students, the problems of these students; We identified these as low academic achievement, cultural conflict and problems with their peers. Due to these problems, another problem of our school was Early School Leaving, as our immigrant students did not drop out of school and continue their education life or were transferred to other schools.
With our project to find solutions to all these problems, our 13 teachers received a 5-day training named “Integrating students from migrant backgrounds into schools” in August 2022 in Vienna, Austria. As a result of this training, our teachers, who have experience, have reached the competence to produce successful solutions to the problems our school has experienced.

The results we expect from our project:
• Our teachers’ attainment of sufficient competence in the integration of immigrant students into education,
• Immigrant students adapt more easily to education and increase their academic success,
• Decrease in early school leaving rate,
• Strengthening our school’s international network and strategy,
• Our teachers’ awareness of EU citizenship, development of their cultural and foreign language skills, can be listed as.