21st Century Children

The over-all objective of this project is to showcase and to tackle the potential of the unique quality and character of (European) children-oriented museums for benefiting society as future-oriented, 21st Century learning spots , in order to:
  • support their sustainability
  • support them in adaptation of their abilities and capacities to match the recently appearing challenges.
  • highlighting museums engaging children to a broad audience
  •  create well-grounded resources and guidelines for children-centred museums -related expertise in Europe


The project’s sequence of action:

1.We will unite the stake-holders at the field in an order to formulate their benefits towards society: (I) their shared mission + its  (II) standards of quality.

2.Based on this we will (I) articulate the shared mission and its attributes, translate it into a marketable content, develop the marketing tools, and (II) develop a method of assessment for the quality indicators and issuing a label of the quality.

3. After that, we will implement the marketing campaign. The partners develop (in cooperation with the lead partner) capacity building contents and formats (online and events) and use their potential for the efficient dissemination.


Project partners:

Junges Museum Frankfurt

Sladovna Pisek


Duration: September 2019-February 2022