PRESS RELEASE – ”Advance CIRCULAR!” project

”ADVANCE CIRCULAR – Linking Tourism Industry with VET to embrace circularity” is a transnational project coordinated by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN TOURISM (Romania).


Project period - 24 months (01.10.2023-30.09.2025).
AIM: to foster innovative circular approaches&tools in the tourism sector&its other related areas through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer by linking vocational education and training to this sector.


O1.To increase understanding of the way the Circular Economy (CE) influences the Tourism industry&VET (Vocational Education and Training) in terms of readiness and skills through 2 analysis bringing together VET institutions & companies in the field in 4 countries in at least 8 months of project.

O2. To enhance organizations & practitioners capabilities through 3 innovative & digital tools supporting Tourism Industry&VET to act in CE, in 4 countries/EU level throughout project.

O3. To develop at least 5 applicative learning contexts (transnational & national) for Tourism&VET experts based on Design Thinking, in 4 countries/European level.

O4. To raise awareness&capacity to exploit project results in 5 partner organizations/their external context in 4 countries/EU level on 24 months.


 A) 2 analysis for Mapping the Scene&Creating Bridges:

a. Are we ready for Circularity?”;

b. ”Skills for the green and circular transition”

 B) 3 innovative tools supporting Tourism Industry & VET to act in Circular Economy:

- Guidelines: ”The CE: Moving from theory to practice”

- Skills taxonomy

- Digital set of cards based on what are the 5 R's of CE (Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

 C) Applicative learning contexts for Tourism & VET experts based on Design Thinking:

- Training Pack with 5 modules + a special section ”Digital Self-learning tools”.

- 1 Transnational Training Program: ”Tourism & VET in tourism advancing circular-exploring the possibilities” +4 national training sessions for a balanced mix between VET institutions experts & company representatives&other organizations from tourism industry/related fields. They will get an overview and potentially new understanding of CE&explore new circular models and how to turn challenges into possibilities using Design Thinking.



- CESUR (Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur), Spain.

- Association of Consultants and Experts on Social Economy Romania (ACE-ES Romania).

- Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT), Bulgaria.

- E-ZAVOD (ZAVOD ZA PROJEKTNO SVETOVANJE, RAZISKOVANJE IN RAZVOJ CELOVITIH RESITEV - Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions), Slovenia.