Presentation about the Erasmus+ VAM*RS project of the FHM in Krakow

The European border protection agency FRONTEX held a conference on modern learning and training methods using augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR, VR & XR) on February 28th and 29th. Prof. Dr. Carsten Domann was invited as a speaker and presented the FHM’s experiences in the “Training” conference section. Prof. Domann tailored the results from VAM Realities and VRinSight – with a clear industry focus – to the interests and needs of FRONTEX.

FRONTEX and the major European authorities are open and almost eager to adapt the results from EU research projects and specialised IT service providers. The presentation and panel discussion were very well received by the audience, which was later demonstrated in countless conversations. At the same time, an industrial trade fair took place on three floors of the ICE Krakow Congress Center; FHM also presented the VAM Realities project with its own exhibition stand.

What can be said? – The development of AR and VR has progressed enormously in the last 3 years. New hardware (from well-known manufacturers in the USA) is setting the standards. The software can and must come from Europe. Learning, studying, training, applying and linking content of all kinds is working better and better and is also setting new horizons that need to be reached.


The time to real, tangible mixed reality is shortening!