Zavod PIP – Pravni in informacijski center Maribor

Zavod PIP is a non-profit organisation which is active in the fields of developing local communities, assisting and developing NGOs of the Podravje region, offering free legal aid to citizens, providing information about the policies and activities of the European Union and developing social enterprises and cooperatives. Furthermore, in October of 2019 Zavod PIP gained the status of an NGO in the public interest in the field of public administration. In 2018 we also started managing, together with CNVOS and DPRD Novo mesto, the Active Citizens Fund (Norway mechanism) in Slovenia which co-finances projects for non-governmental organisations.

Zavod PIP is also a Europe Direct Info Point for the Podravje region and through it we provide information to municipalities, NGOs and citizens about the European Union and its activities. In addition to that, we also promote thinking and debating about the EU at the local level and provide responses to current affairs to the European Comission representatives in Slovenia.

Finally, Zavod PIP is also a youth center, providing informal trainings and education, lectures and competence strengthening to the youth of Maribor. The program of the youth center seeks new problem-solving approaches as we encourage a rich learning environment that is full of information and an atmosphere that fosters imagination and encourages solidarity and active participation. The program of the youth center is adjusted annually to respond to current topics at local, national and EU levels.